Air Stripper Tower Inspection Services

Using environmentally sustainable materials is good business practice. When it comes to the durability of HDPE, the CS3 HDPE lift station is the right choice. HDPE's innate ability to resist corrosion, pH extremes, aggressive landfill leachates and abrasive degradation is a solution that makes sense. The service life of HDPE manufactured using today's materials is expected to exceed 100 years according to the plastic pipe institute.

In the hostile environment of a typical duplex lift station,  CS3's patent protected lift stations provide an unmatched value and service life.

Our design utilizes a structurally reinforced HDPE profile wall wetwell that is delivered to your project ready to go. As with all of the pre-fabricated HDPE pump stations from CS3 - the wetwell arrives on site with pump bases, guide rails, riser piping, supports, influent/discharge connection points, vent and electrical connections already installed allowing for a quick installation. 

Available in diameters from 6ft - 11ft I.D. and depths up to 54ft

Fabricated with owner furnished pumps unless otherwise required


·        Reduced Operating Costs
·        Early Identification and Mitigation of Minor Problems
·        Ability to Minimize and Plan for Downtime
·        Enhanced Budget Planning for Major Repairs

·      Avoidance of Regulatory Non-Compliance

​​CS3 Waterworks is a solution provider for water and wastewater equipment, systems and flow control products.

​From water flow control, filtration and disinfection to wastewater pump stations, odor control and treatment,

CS3 Waterworks has a solution to offer. CS3 is dedicated to the water & wastewater market through sales, service and support.  

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Project Details:

  • 8ft diameter x 29ft deep duplex station
  • HDPE Sloped Hopper Bottom
  • HDPE DR11 discharge piping
  • Xylem (Flygt) Pumps & Panel
  • Installed by Hubbard Construction 


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We provide sales and service throughout the southeast U.S. representing some of the finest manufacturers in our industry. With warehouse locations in Florida and Georgia we are ready to support you with the best service in the business. We will always conduct business with honor and integrity. Contact CS3 today.

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CS3 Waterworks has teamed up with General Rubber to become their exclusive municipal representive in the state of Florida. General Rubber has been at the forefront of expansion joint design since 1950.  With their ISO 9001 and 14001 certified facilites, General Rubber is able to provide engineered solutions at competitive prices. 

It's another great solution at CS3, The Solution that Works!


​As an Authorized Representative for Layne, A Granite Company, CS3 Waterworks is proud to announce an expanded partnership to include Air Stripper Tower Inspection and Maintenance services.